Top AI Tools for Genomics, Drug Discovery, And Machine Learning

Top AI Tools for Genomics, Drug Discovery, And Machine Learning

Top AI Tools for Genomics, Drug Discovery, And Machine Learning

Practical Solutions and Value

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of biological research, providing practical solutions and significant value in genomics, drug discovery, and machine learning.


DeepVariant, Google’s variant-calling tool, accelerates genetic variation extraction using a deep neural network, expediting DNA sequencing analysis.


DNAnexus leverages cloud-based genomic data management, enabling faster scientific discovery and improved patient care with the Precision Health Data Cloud.


Rosetta facilitates protein structural analysis and computational modeling, leading to breakthroughs in computational biology, including the creation of enzymes and predicting macromolecule structures.


Bionano’s VIA contextualizes genomic variation from different data sources, providing valuable insights for biomedical research and drug development.


DRAGEN offers bioinformatics data processing powered by AI, benefiting labs of all sizes with robust secondary analysis capabilities for genomic research.


PathAI, driven by AI, enhances cancer diagnosis and treatment, ensuring precise diagnoses and efficient patient care through meaningful collaboration.

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges accelerates progress in precision medicine, cancer genomes, and drug discovery by integrating AI capabilities into biological data analysis.


VarSome serves as a platform for interpreting variants, fostering a community of variant expertise and aggregating variant data driven by AI.


BenchSci deciphers complex biomedical research using unique AI technologies, aiding in preclinical research and development.


Parabricks expedites genomics analysis with GPU-based parallel computing for secondary DNA and RNA data analysis.


Biocellion’s AI-driven platform mimics cellular activity, aiding cellular agriculture businesses in increasing output and profitability.


DeepMetabolism predicts phenotype using deep learning system and genome sequencing, facilitating insights using supervised and unsupervised learning.


Basepair analyzes NGS data using AI, catering to researchers in academia, business, and medical fields with an advanced platform.


insitro revolutionizes the pharmaceutical industry using data-driven methods and AI, accelerating drug development and precision medicine.


Tinybio assists scientists in genomic research using AI, optimizing resource usage and aiding in microbiome and metagenomics analysis.


BioBam offers AI-powered solutions for functional genomics and bioinformatics, accelerating research in various fields, including agricultural genomics and environmental NGS studies.


MedGenome utilizes AI for genomics research and diagnosis, offering multiomics solutions for advancing genetics and medication development.


PetaGene employs AI to organize and compress genomic data, reducing storage costs while ensuring access and quality.


Genialis provides AI-driven platforms for easier genomic data interpretation, enabling researchers to derive valuable insights.


Immunai uses AI for immunology research, leveraging multi-omic patient data for target and treatment development, advancing healthcare.


BenevolentAI utilizes AI to aid researchers in understanding disease progression, identifying therapeutic targets, and making informed decisions.

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