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AI Customer Support

Enhance your customer support with our AI-powered assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze documents, contracts, and previous interactions, reducing response times and providing personalized support. Empower your team, improve customer satisfaction.

AI Document Assistant

Unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our AI Insights Suite. We index all your documents and data. Get smart decision support with our AI-driven solution. It indexes documents, offers valuable insights, and assists in making informed choices, saving you time and boosting productivity.

AI Scrum Bot

Streamline your agile project management with our AI Scrum Bot. This intelligent assistant helps teams by answering questions, facilitating backlog management, and organizing retrospectives. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enhances collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your scrum process.

AI Sales Bot

AI Sales Bot – your new teammate that never sleeps! It converses with customers in fully natural language across all channels, answers questions round the clock, and learns from your sales materials to keep conversations insightful and engaging. It’s your next step towards simplified, efficient, and enhanced customer interactions and sales processes.

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We specialize in crafting unique AI applications to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s machine learning or natural language processing, we’ve got the right AI solution to help you achieve your business goals.

  • Researchers at Google Deepmind Introduce BOND: A Novel RLHF Method that Fine-Tunes the Policy via Online Distillation of the Best-of-N Sampling Distribution

    Practical Solutions and Value of BOND: A Novel RLHF Method Enhancing Language Generation Quality Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) is crucial for ensuring quality and safety in language and learning models (LLMs). State-of-the-art LLMs like Gemini and GPT-4 undergo three training stages: pre-training on large corpora, supervised fine-tuning, and RLHF to refine generation quality.…

  • Released DataChain: A Groundbreaking Open-Source Python Library for Large-Scale Unstructured Data Processing and Curation

    Introducing DataChain: Streamlining Unstructured Data Processing with AI Revolutionary Python Library for Data Scientists and Developers has unveiled DataChain, an open-source Python library that leverages advanced AI and machine learning to handle unstructured data at an unprecedented scale. This groundbreaking solution aims to streamline data processing workflows, providing invaluable benefits to data scientists and…

  • Meta AI Release CyberSecEval 3: A Wide-Ranging Evaluation Framework for LLM Security Used in the Development of the Models

    The Practical Solutions and Value of Meta AI’s CYBERSECEVAL 3 Addressing AI Cybersecurity Risks Meta AI introduces CYBERSECEVAL 3 to assess the cybersecurity risks, benefits, and capabilities of AI systems, focusing on large language models (LLMs) like the Llama 3 models. The evaluation tool measures the offensive security capabilities of Llama 3 models in automated…

  • Amazon Researchers Propose a New Method to Measure the Task-Specific Accuracy of Retrieval-Augmented Large Language Models (RAG)

    Practical Solutions for Evaluating Large Language Models (LLMs) Assessing Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems Evaluating the correctness of RAG systems can be challenging, but a team of Amazon researchers has introduced an exam-based evaluation approach powered by LLMs. This method focuses on factual accuracy and provides insights into various factors influencing RAG performance. Fully Automated Evaluation…

  • Meet Laminar AI: A Developer Platform that Combines Orchestration, Evaluations, Data, and Observability to Empower AI Developers to Ship Reliable LLM Applications 10x Faster

    Practical AI Solutions for Reliable LLM Applications Introduction LLMs like Laminar AI require continuous monitoring and quick iteration on logic and prompts. Current solutions are slow due to the need for maintaining the “glue” between them. Laminar AI Platform Laminar is an AI developer platform that accelerates LLM app development by integrating orchestration, assessments, data,…

  • Visual Haystacks Benchmark: The First “Visual-Centric” Needle-In-A-Haystack (NIAH) Benchmark to Assess LMMs’ Capability in Long-Context Visual Retrieval and Reasoning

    Practical AI Solutions for Multi-Image Visual Question Answering Challenges and Value A significant challenge in visual question answering is efficiently handling large sets of images for tasks like searching through photo albums, finding specific information, or monitoring environmental changes. Existing AI models struggle with such complex queries, limiting their real-world applications. Current methods focus on…

  • LaMMOn: An End-to-End Multi-Camera Tracking Solution Leveraging Transformers and Graph Neural Networks for Enhanced Real-Time Traffic Management

    Practical Solutions for Multi-Camera Tracking in Intelligent Transportation Systems Enhancing Traffic Management with LaMMOn Efficient traffic management has been improved with advancements in computer vision, enabling accurate prediction and analysis of traffic volumes. LaMMOn, an end-to-end multi-camera tracking model, addresses challenges in multi-target multi-camera tracking (MTMCT) by leveraging transformers and graph neural networks. Key Modules…

  • PILOT: A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Linear Model Trees that is Fast, Regularized, Stable, and Interpretable

    Value of PILOT Algorithm for Linear Model Trees Enhanced Linear Relationship Modeling Pilot algorithm effectively captures linear relationships in large datasets, addressing the limitations of traditional regression trees. Improved Performance and Stability PILOT employs L2 boosting and model selection techniques to achieve speed and stability without pruning, resulting in better performance across various datasets. Efficiency…

  • Llama 3.1 Released: Meta’s New Open-Source AI Model that You can Fine-Tune, Distill, and Deploy Anywhere and available in 8B, 70B, and 405B

    Meta’s Llama 3.1: Practical Solutions and Value Open-Source AI Advancement Meta’s Llama 3.1, especially the 405B model, brings significant advancements in open-source AI capabilities, positioning Meta at the forefront of AI innovation. Democratizing AI Llama 3.1 aims to democratize AI by making cutting-edge technology available to various users and applications, offering state-of-the-art capabilities in an…

  • Progressive Learning Framework for Enhancing AI Reasoning through Weak-to-Strong Supervision

    Progressive Learning Framework for Enhancing AI Reasoning through Weak-to-Strong Supervision Practical Solutions and Value Highlights As AI capabilities surpass human-level abilities, providing accurate supervision becomes challenging. Weak-to-strong learning offers potential benefits but needs testing for complex reasoning tasks. Researchers have developed a progressive learning framework that allows strong models to refine their training data autonomously,…

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