TII Releases Falcon 2-11B: The First AI Model of the Falcon 2 Family Trained on 5.5T Tokens with a Vision Language Model

TII Releases Falcon 2-11B: The First AI Model of the Falcon 2 Family Trained on 5.5T Tokens with a Vision Language Model

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) introduces Falcon, a groundbreaking family of language models

Falcon-40B: A Truly Open Model with Comparable Capabilities

Falcon-40B is the first “truly open” model with capabilities on par with proprietary alternatives. This offers numerous opportunities for practitioners, enthusiasts, and industries.

Falcon2-11B: A Causal Decoder-Only Model with Extensive Training

Falcon2-11B, boasting 11 billion parameters, is meticulously trained on a vast corpus exceeding 5 trillion tokens. It is accessible under the TII Falcon License 2.0, promoting responsible utilization of AI technologies.

Distinct Features of Falcon2-11B

This model, based on the GPT-3 architecture, incorporates unique features like rotary positional embeddings, multiquery attention, and FlashAttention-2, setting it apart from the original GPT-3 model.

Practical Applications and Considerations

The Falcon family includes Falcon-40B and Falcon-7B, excelling in various tasks and offering accessible inference and fine-tuning options. However, responsible usage and careful consideration of biases and risks are crucial for their ethical deployment.

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