AI Sales Bot:
Where Conversations Become Sales

Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming customer interactions. Welcome to the AI Sales Bot experience, where each conversation is not just automated, but enriched with insights. Need content about your products? We’ve got that covered too.

Ever felt the pinch of not being there for a customer query post-business hours?

With AI Sales Bot’s round-the-clock engagement, let’s just say the night owl customers are in for a treat. Consistent support, anytime.

Drowning in repetitive customer questions while key sales opportunities slip away?

Let AI Sales Bot tackle those routine inquiries, so your sales team can focus on what they do best: selling and building relationships.

Struggling to maintain uniformity in responses across platforms?

AI Sales Bot ensures consistency is the name of the game. Immediate, accurate, and harmonized responses? Check.


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Choose the Most Profitable Option
or Offer Your Own

Free Start

Designed for the budding businesses, the Basic option offers a taste of automation. Think of it as a gentle introduction to the world of AI-assisted conversations.

Free start than $1/call

Starting free and then moving to a nominal per-answer cost? Now, that’s a steal for the value!

Growing Professional

Aimed at those businesses on the climb, the Pro option brings advanced integration and tailored responses, making the customer interactions even more nuanced.

$3000 year license and $0,2/call.

Bespoke solutions come with their price tag, but then again, so does unparalleled growth.


Crafted for the big players, the Enterprise option is all about tailored solutions. Advanced integrations, dedicated support, and more – all fine-tuned to your needs.

$30 000 team cost development per month.

Bespoke solutions come with their price tag, but then again, so does unparalleled growth.

Discount up to 30%


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The AI Sales Bot Advantage: More Than Just Automation

Round-the-Clock Availability

Break the barriers of time zones and working hours. With 24/7 customer support, witness improved satisfaction and engagement metrics.

Targeted, Automated Interactions

Automation doesn’t mean impersonal. Experience interactions that resonate with each customer, leading to enhanced sales growth.

Consistency Across Platforms

Deliver a uniform brand voice across platforms. Consistent, accurate responses mean better user experience and potentially higher conversion rates.

Navigating Your Journey with Us

Simple Steps Crafting AI Sales Bot with You


A Collaborative Sprint to Set the Stage
Before diving in, let’s chalk out the roadmap together. A joint sprint with our development team ensures we’re on the same page, laying a strong foundation.


The Craftsmanship
We are creating AI Bot based on your data. Every iteration you can check and improve.


A Learning Curve Like No Other
Using data insights, we continuously teach and reteach the AI Sales Bot. It’s not just about launching; it’s about evolving.


Beyond Deployment: Our Commitment Continues
Once deployed, our journey doesn’t end. We’re here, ensuring the AI Sales Bot keeps performing and improving, making your investment worthwhile.


How seamless is the integration of AI Sales Bot into existing systems?

Our AI Sales Bot is designed for smooth integration. Whether it’s your CRM or any other tool, it’s akin to fitting in the last piece of a puzzle. You can bye year license so we integrate with your system.

What kind of ROI can I expect with AI Sales Bot?

While exact numbers can vary, with enhanced customer interactions and efficient handling, you can certainly expect a positive shift in your sales and customer satisfaction metrics.

Can AI Sales Bot scale as my business grows?

Absolutely. AI Sales Bot is built to grow with you, handling increased interactions and adapting to your evolving needs.

What kind of support can I expect post-deployment?

Our commitment doesn’t end at deployment. You can expect unwavering support, regular updates, and refinements to ensure AI Sales Bot keeps delivering.

How do you ensure data security and compliance?

Data security is paramount for us. We adhere to stringent data protection guidelines and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Your data is in safe hands.

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