MicroPython Testbed for Federated Learning Algorithms (MPT-FLA) Framework Advancing Federated Learning at the Edge

MicroPython Testbed for Federated Learning Algorithms (MPT-FLA) Framework Advancing Federated Learning at the Edge

The Practical Solutions and Value of MPT-FLA Framework for Federated Learning at the Edge


The MPT-FLA (MicroPython Testbed for Federated Learning Algorithms) framework provides practical solutions for developing decentralized and distributed applications for edge systems. It supports both centralized and decentralized federated learning algorithms and enables peer-to-peer data exchange.

Key Features

Written in pure Python, MPT-FLA is lightweight, easy to install, and suitable for small IoT devices. It overcomes the limitations of its predecessor by allowing individual application instances to run on different network nodes, such as PCs and IoT devices.

Validation and Performance

The framework was validated on a wireless network with PCs and Raspberry Pi Pico W boards, confirming its functional correctness. However, detailed performance evaluations are still in progress.

Advantages and Future Work

MPT-FLA extends support to distributed applications and is compatible with smaller IoT platforms. Future work involves developing benchmark applications and conducting detailed performance evaluations.

Evolving with AI

For those seeking to evolve their company with AI, MPT-FLA presents opportunities to advance federated learning at the edge. It provides practical solutions for automation and customer engagement.

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