Meta used posts from Facebook and Instagram to train its AI models

Meta used public posts and comments from Facebook and Instagram to train its new AI assistant. They consciously avoided using private posts shared among family and friends. Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, stated that the majority of the data used for training was publicly available and they excluded datasets with heavy personal information. Meta is facing legal challenges for using internet data without consent. CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Meta AI at the Connect event, focusing on AI offerings. The AI assistant is based on customized language and image models inspired by Llama 2. Measures are in place to prevent the generation of hyper-realistic images of public personalities, and Meta has updated their terms of service to prohibit the creation of content that breaches privacy and intellectual property norms.

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1. Monitor the legal challenges against Meta and other tech giants for the use of internet data without consent to train AI models. Stay updated on the progress of the lawsuits.
2. Review Meta’s terms of service and ensure that it adequately addresses privacy and intellectual property concerns. If necessary, consult with legal counsel to make any necessary updates.
3. Stay informed about the development of Meta AI and its consumer-focused offerings. Monitor any updates or changes to the AI assistant and its features.
4. Keep track of Meta’s safety measures regarding the generation of hyper-realistic images of public personalities. Stay informed about any developments or changes in these measures.

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