In-Page Links for Content Navigation

Summary: In-page links, also known as jump or anchor links, enable users to navigate to specific sections on the same page. Often used in tables of contents, they allow users to click and go directly to desired sections. Careful consideration of content structure is necessary before implementing this design pattern. [50 words]

Review of In-Page Links

Summary: In-page links, often embedded in the table of contents, help users navigate to specific content sections on the same page. While research showed increased user familiarity with the design pattern, carefully consider content structures before implementation.

Navigating long-form content can be challenging, akin to climbing stairs in a tall building. Just like elevators can take you straight to the destination floors, in-page links help users navigate through page content with just one click.


In-page links (also known as jump links or anchor links) are links that take users to a specific section on the same page.

In-page links can serve various purposes, such as a Back to Top link or a Skip to Content link for keyboard users, but one of their most common uses is in a table of contents. A table of contents, usually found at the top of information-rich pages, presents a structured list of the content topics on that page, allowing users to click and navigate directly to their desired sections. While there are alternative formats for tables of contents (e.g., accordions, sticky navigation bars), this article exclusively focuses on its implementation using in-page links.

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Action Items:

1. Research and evaluate alternative formats for tables of contents, such as accordions and sticky navigation bars. – Assigned to: Executive Assistant

2. Consider content structures before implementing in-page links. – Assigned to: Content Manager

3. Review the design patterns and usability research related to in-page links. – Assigned to: UX Designer

4. Edit the article to include a definition and explanation of in-page links and their uses. – Assigned to: Copywriter

5. Add a section in the article explaining the benefits and considerations of using in-page links for navigation. – Assigned to: Content Manager

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