CMU Researchers Propose MOMENT: A Family of Open-Source Machine Learning Foundation Models for General-Purpose Time Series Analysis

CMU Researchers Propose MOMENT: A Family of Open-Source Machine Learning Foundation Models for General-Purpose Time Series Analysis

Practical AI Solutions for Time Series Analysis

Challenges in Time Series Analysis

Pre-training large models on time series data faces challenges such as the lack of comprehensive public time series repository, diverse time series characteristics, and experimental benchmarks for model evaluation. Despite these hurdles, time series analysis is crucial in applications like weather forecasting, heart rate irregularity detection, and anomaly identification in software deployments.

Practical Solutions

Utilizing pre-trained language, vision, and video models offers promise, but adaptation to time series data specifics is necessary for optimal performance. Applying transformers to time series analysis presents challenges due to the quadratic growth of the self-attention mechanism with input token size. Treating time series sub-sequences as tokens enhances efficiency and effectiveness in forecasting. MOMENT, an open-source family of foundation models, addresses time series-specific challenges and enables large-scale multi-dataset pretraining, offering versatility and robustness in tackling diverse time series analysis tasks.


MOMENT demonstrates high performance in pre-training transformer models of various sizes and exhibits effectiveness across various tasks, showcasing superior performance, especially in anomaly detection and classification. The research also underscores the viability of smaller statistical and shallower deep learning methods across many tasks, aiming to advance open science by releasing the Time Series Pile, fostering collaboration and further advancements in time series analysis.

AI Implementation Tips

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