A Comprehensive Study by BentoML on Benchmarking LLM Inference Backends: Performance Analysis of vLLM, LMDeploy, MLC-LLM, TensorRT-LLM, and TGI

A Comprehensive Study by BentoML on Benchmarking LLM Inference Backends: Performance Analysis of vLLM, LMDeploy, MLC-LLM, TensorRT-LLM, and TGI

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A Comprehensive Study on Benchmarking LLM Inference Backends

Integrating AI solutions like LMDeploy, vLLM, MLC-LLM, TensorRT-LLM, and TGI can significantly enhance business operations.

Key Insights from the Study

The study highlights the importance of inference backends in large language models, emphasizing their impact on user experience and operational costs.

Performance Metrics

The study evaluates backends based on Time to First Token (TTFT) and Token Generation Rate, crucial for applications requiring immediate feedback and efficient handling of high loads.

Findings for Llama 3 8B and 70B Models

It provides practical performance analysis for backends like LMDeploy, MLC-LLM, vLLM, and TensorRT-LLM under different inference loads.

Other Considerations

Besides performance, factors like quantization support, hardware compatibility, and developer experience are essential in choosing the right backend for AI models.

Conclusion and Integration

Developers and enterprises can use these insights to make informed decisions and integrate the most suitable inference backend with platforms like BentoML and BentoCloud for optimal performance and scalability.

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