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At AI Lab, we create smart AI tools that help you streamline your business and improve customer interactions. Our tailor-made solutions free up your time, letting you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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AI Customer Support

Enhance your customer support with our AI-powered assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze documents, contracts, and previous interactions, reducing response times and providing personalized support. Empower your team, improve customer satisfaction.

AI Document Assistant

Unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our AI Insights Suite. We index all your documents and data. Get smart decision support with our AI-driven solution. It indexes documents, offers valuable insights, and assists in making informed choices, saving you time and boosting productivity.

AI Scrum Bot

Streamline your agile project management with our AI Scrum Bot. This intelligent assistant helps teams by answering questions, facilitating backlog management, and organizing retrospectives. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enhances collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your scrum process.

AI Sales Bot

AI Sales Bot – your new teammate that never sleeps! It converses with customers in fully natural language across all channels, answers questions round the clock, and learns from your sales materials to keep conversations insightful and engaging. It’s your next step towards simplified, efficient, and enhanced customer interactions and sales processes.

Custom AI Solutions for Your Business

We specialize in crafting unique AI applications to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s machine learning or natural language processing, we’ve got the right AI solution to help you achieve your business goals.

  • LOTUS: A Query Engine for Reasoning over Large Corpora of Unstructured and Structured Data with LLMs

    The Value of LOTUS Query Engine for AI-driven Reasoning Enhancing Semantic Capabilities The LOTUS query engine introduces semantic operators that enable advanced analytics and reasoning over extensive datasets, enhancing the relational model with AI-driven operations for complex semantic queries. Practical Solutions and Applications LOTUS offers practical solutions for fact-checking, multi-label classification, and search, delivering significant…

  • Monitoring AI-Modified Content at Scale: Impact of ChatGPT on Peer Reviews in AI Conferences

    Practical Solutions for Assessing and Analyzing AI-Generated Language Challenges in Assessing AI-Generated Language Measuring the impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) and differentiating AI-generated content from human-written text is a significant challenge. Studies have shown that humans struggle to distinguish between the two. Effective Techniques for Assessing AI-Generated Content One technique, “distributional GPT quantification,” calculates…

  • Athene-Llama3-70B Released: An Open-Weight LLM Trained through RLHF based on Llama-3-70B-Instruct

    Athene-Llama3-70B Released: Bringing AI Advancements to Enterprises Nexusflow’s New AI Model Athene-Llama3-70B, developed by Nexusflow, showcases significant improvements over its predecessor, achieving competitive performance in the Arena-Hard-Auto benchmark. The model is fine-tuned from Meta AI’s Llama-3-70B, rivaling proprietary models like GPT-4o and Claude-3.5-Sonnet. Practical Solutions and Value Nexusflow utilized targeted post-training pipeline to enhance the…

  • Apple AI Released a 7B Open-Source Language Model Trained on 2.5T Tokens on Open Datasets

    Practical Solutions for Language Model Training Importance of Quality Datasets Language models (LMs) are crucial for natural language processing (NLP) tasks like text generation and translation. Quality training data is essential for accurate and efficient model performance. Data curation methods play a key role in enhancing LM effectiveness. Challenges in Dataset Curation Creating high-quality datasets…

  • Nephilim v3 8B Released: An Innovative AI Approach to Merging Models for Enhanced Roleplay and Creativity

    Nephilim v3 8B Released: An Innovative AI Approach to Merging Models for Enhanced Roleplay and Creativity Practical Solutions and Value Llama-3-Nephilim-v3-8B and llama-3-Nephilim-v3-8B-GGUF are innovative models released on Hugging Face, showcasing remarkable capability in roleplay scenarios through the merging of pre-trained language models. These models offer practical solutions for enhancing narrative consistency and character coherence.…

  • The Neo4j LLM Knowledge Graph Builder: An AI Tool that Creates Knowledge Graphs from Unstructured Data

    The Neo4j LLM Knowledge Graph Builder: Unlocking Valuable Insights from Unstructured Data Practical Solutions and Value In the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence, the Neo4j LLM Knowledge Graph Builder is a powerful AI tool that leverages machine learning models to seamlessly transform unstructured data into organized knowledge graphs. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning models…

  • Reinforcing Robust Refusal Training in LLMs: A Past Tense Reformulation Attack and Potential Defenses

    Reinforcing Robust Refusal Training in LLMs: A Past Tense Reformulation Attack and Potential Defenses Overview Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are advanced AI systems capable of generating human-like text. The primary challenge is to ensure that these models do not produce harmful or unethical content, addressed through techniques like refusal training. Challenges…

  • Agent Symbolic Learning: An Artificial Intelligence AI Framework for Agent Learning that Jointly Optimizes All Symbolic Components within an Agent System

    Practical Solutions for Language Agent Optimization Challenges in Language Agent Development Developing language agents faces challenges due to the manual decomposition of tasks and limited adaptability. Researchers are seeking a transition to a more data-centric learning paradigm. Introducing Agent Symbolic Learning Framework AIWaves Inc. introduces a new approach for training language agents inspired by neural…

  • Meet Parea AI: An AI Startup that Automatically Creates LLM-based Evals Aligned with Human Judgement

    Practical AI Solutions for LLM Evaluation Automating LLM Evaluation with Parea AI Human reviewers or LLMs are often used for evaluating free-form material, but this process can be inaccurate, time-consuming, and costly. Parea AI offers a unique optimization procedure to automate LLM evaluations, tailored to your company’s specific needs. It uses human annotations to create…

  • This AI Paper from NYU and Meta Introduces Neural Optimal Transport with Lagrangian Costs: Efficient Modeling of Complex Transport Dynamics

    Optimal Transport: Practical Solutions and Value Introduction Optimal transport determines efficient mass movement between probability distributions, with applications in economics, physics, and machine learning. It uncovers data structures and provides insights into complex systems. Challenges and Need for Advanced Techniques Complex cost functions influence the optimization of probability measures, posing challenges for traditional methods. There…

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