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AI Customer Support

Enhance your customer support with our AI-powered assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze documents, contracts, and previous interactions, reducing response times and providing personalized support. Empower your team, improve customer satisfaction.

AI Document Assistant

Unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our AI Insights Suite. We index all your documents and data. Get smart decision support with our AI-driven solution. It indexes documents, offers valuable insights, and assists in making informed choices, saving you time and boosting productivity.

AI Scrum Bot

Streamline your agile project management with our AI Scrum Bot. This intelligent assistant helps teams by answering questions, facilitating backlog management, and organizing retrospectives. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enhances collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your scrum process.

AI Sales Bot

AI Sales Bot – your new teammate that never sleeps! It converses with customers in fully natural language across all channels, answers questions round the clock, and learns from your sales materials to keep conversations insightful and engaging. It’s your next step towards simplified, efficient, and enhanced customer interactions and sales processes.

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We specialize in crafting unique AI applications to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s machine learning or natural language processing, we’ve got the right AI solution to help you achieve your business goals.

AI News

  • 10 Ways to Use Generative AI for Database

    Generative AI for databases is a transformative technology that impacts how humans interact with technology. It has the potential to revolutionize database management for both data scientists and non-data scientists alike.

  • Instant evolution: AI designs new robot from scratch in seconds

    Researchers have created an AI that can rapidly and intelligently design robots without relying on human-labeled datasets. This AI compresses billions of years of evolution into seconds, operates on a lightweight computer, and generates completely new structures.

  • What is Generative AI? A Comprehensive Guide for Everyone

    This article explores the significance of machine learning in generative AI.

  • A simple introduction to Quantum enhanced SVM

    This article discusses the combination of quantum computing properties with a classic Machine Learning technique called Support Vector Machine (SVM). The author explores the concept of SVM, the use of kernels for classification, and introduces quantum kernels. An example using Pennylane and scikit-learn’s SVC is provided, showing that the performance of a quantum kernel didn’t…

  • Highlights on Large Language Models at KDD 2023

    The KDD conference in Long Beach, CA showcased various topics, but the highlights were Large Language Models (LLMs) and Graph Learning. The LLM Revolution keynote by Ed Chi of Google discussed the ways LLMs are bridging the gap between human intelligence and machine learning. Other presentations focused on techniques and challenges in LLM development, including…

  • AI copilot enhances human precision for safer aviation

    MIT researchers have developed Air-Guardian, an AI system designed to act as a proactive copilot for pilots. The system uses eye-tracking and saliency maps to determine attention and identifies potential risks. It can be adjusted based on the situation’s demands and aims to enhance safety and collaboration in aviation. The system has been tested successfully…

  • AI copilot enhances human precision for safer aviation

    Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed Air-Guardian, a system that serves as a proactive copilot for pilots. It uses eye-tracking and saliency maps to determine attention and identifies potential risks. The system can be adjusted based on the situation’s demands and offers a balanced partnership between humans and machines.…

  • CMU Researchers Introduce the Open Whisper-Style Speech Model: Advancing Open-Source Solutions for Efficient and Transparent Speech Recognition Training

    Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Honda Research Institute have developed the Open Whisper-Style Speech Model (OWSM), an open-source solution for transparent speech recognition training. OWSM replicates whisper-style training using publicly available data and a toolbox. It aims to improve upon existing models like Whisper and plans to explore using more…

  • Scaling up learning across many different robot types

    We are launching Open X-Embodiment dataset, a resource for general-purpose robotics learning. With data from 22 robot types, the dataset allows for skills transfer across various robot embodiments. Additionally, we are releasing the RT-1-X, a trained robotics transformer model derived from RT-1.

  • Researchers from UT Austin Introduce MUTEX: A Leap Towards Multimodal Robot Instruction with Cross-Modal Reasoning

    Thank you for the list of useful links. I will make sure to include them in the summary. recently published an article about researchers from UT Austin who have developed a framework called MUTEX. The framework aims to improve robot capabilities in assisting humans by integrating policy learning from different modalities, such as speech,…

  • Bing’s AI chatbot vulnerable to malicious ads, researchers warn

    Bing Chat, Microsoft’s AI-driven search tool, has vulnerabilities that allow for the integration of malicious ads, potentially leading users to phishing sites and malware downloads. Malwarebytes has alerted Microsoft, but no action has been taken. Actions include investigating vulnerabilities, improving ad labeling, and collaborating with Malwarebytes for effective solutions. Microsoft’s response to the vulnerabilities should…

  • Deep dive into pandas Copy-on-Write mode — part III

    Summary: The article provides detailed information on pandas Copy-on-Write (CoW) mode and its impact on existing code. It offers guidance on avoiding errors, particularly with chained assignment and inplace operations. It also advises on accessing the underlying NumPy array and highlights the upcoming changes in pandas 3.0. Action items are assigned to the development and…

  • Microsoft Introduces Copilot: Your Everyday AI Companion Seamlessly Integrated Across Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing

    Microsoft has introduced Copilot, an AI assistant integrated across Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing. It aims to provide support while maintaining privacy and security, using web context and intelligence with user data. Copilot offers a unified experience and is available as a free update to Windows 11. Pricing varies depending on the program…

  • 20 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Managing ADHD

    GreatAIPrompts provides a list of 20 ChatGPT prompts specifically designed for managing ADHD. The prompts cover various aspects of ADHD management, such as prioritizing tasks, time management, handling impulsivity, dealing with overwhelm, boosting daily productivity, managing emotions, enhancing social interactions, improving memory and recall, organizing skills, handling procrastination, and more. While ChatGPT can be a…

  • The UK government wants to see inside AI’s ‘black box’

    The UK government is negotiating with tech companies, such as OpenAI, to gain a deeper understanding of their AI technologies and safety measures. Concerns have been raised about sharing confidential information, but a preliminary agreement has been made. OpenAI has not commented on granting model access. It is recommended to monitor any comments or statements…

  • Researchers from China Introduce DualToken-ViT: A Fusion of CNNs and Vision Transformers for Enhanced Image Processing Efficiency and Accuracy

    Upon reviewing the provided meeting notes, here are the action items: 1. Research the DualToken-ViT model developed by researchers from East China Normal University and Alibaba Group to explore its potential applications and benefits. 2. Evaluate the feasibility of implementing the pyramid structure proposed by the researchers for creating more effective and lightweight Vision Transformers…

  • In-Page Links for Content Navigation

    Summary: In-page links, also known as jump or anchor links, enable users to navigate to specific sections on the same page. Often used in tables of contents, they allow users to click and go directly to desired sections. Careful consideration of content structure is necessary before implementing this design pattern. [50 words]

  • ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing Chat? Differences Among 3 Generative-AI Bots

    Summary: ChatGPT and Bard were rated as more helpful and trustworthy than Bing Chat in a diary study evaluating the three generative-AI bots. Bing Chat’s less favorable ratings were attributed to its richer yet imperfect user interface and poorer information aggregation capabilities.

  • AI uses night-vision camera to diagnose sleep apnoea from home

    Researchers from Seoul National University, Seoul National University College of Medicine, and Columbia University have developed an AI-driven camera system that can diagnose obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) from home. The system, called SlAction, uses infrared videos to monitor sleep patterns and has demonstrated an 88% accuracy rate in identifying OSA. This offers an alternative to…

  • Meta used posts from Facebook and Instagram to train its AI models

    Meta used public posts and comments from Facebook and Instagram to train its new AI assistant. They consciously avoided using private posts shared among family and friends. Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, stated that the majority of the data used for training was publicly available and they excluded datasets with heavy personal information.…

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