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AI Customer Support

Enhance your customer support with our AI-powered assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze documents, contracts, and previous interactions, reducing response times and providing personalized support. Empower your team, improve customer satisfaction.

AI Document Assistant

Unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our AI Insights Suite. We index all your documents and data. Get smart decision support with our AI-driven solution. It indexes documents, offers valuable insights, and assists in making informed choices, saving you time and boosting productivity.

AI Scrum Bot

Streamline your agile project management with our AI Scrum Bot. This intelligent assistant helps teams by answering questions, facilitating backlog management, and organizing retrospectives. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enhances collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in your scrum process.

AI Sales Bot

AI Sales Bot – your new teammate that never sleeps! It converses with customers in fully natural language across all channels, answers questions round the clock, and learns from your sales materials to keep conversations insightful and engaging. It’s your next step towards simplified, efficient, and enhanced customer interactions and sales processes.

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We specialize in crafting unique AI applications to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s machine learning or natural language processing, we’ve got the right AI solution to help you achieve your business goals.

AI News

  • This AI Research Presents Neural A*: A Novel Data-Driven Search Method for Path Planning Problems

    Path planning, a method used to find the best route from one point to another within a map, is often done through search-based planning techniques like A* search. Recent studies highlight the benefits of data-driven path planning, including more efficient discovery of optimal paths and enabling path planning using raw image inputs. This research introduces…

  • Goal Representations for Instruction Following

    The text discusses the development of a model called Goal Representations for Instruction Following (GRIF), which allows robots to follow instructions and perform tasks. The model combines language and goal-conditioned training to improve performance. The text also provides details on the training process, alignment through contrastive learning, and the evaluation of the GRIF policy. The…

  • Goal Representations for Instruction Following

    The text discusses the development of a model called GRIF (Goal Representations for Instruction Following) that combines language and goal-conditioned training to improve robot learning. The model uses contrastive learning to align language instructions and goal images, enabling the robot to understand and carry out tasks specified through either language or images. The GRIF model…

  • New wearables technology enables local machine learning processing

    A new type of transistor has been developed that could revolutionize smartwatches and wearable technology. This reconfigurable transistor uses minimal electricity and enables the implementation of powerful AI algorithms in wearable devices. Currently, energy demands make AI algorithms unsuitable for traditional wearables, but this new transistor could change that. Local processing at the device level…

  • Google executive emphasizes the importance of getting AI right

    Google’s president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Matt Brittin, highlighted the significance of properly implementing artificial intelligence (AI). He mentioned the potential for breakthroughs in diverse sectors and announced a joint research partnership with the University of Cambridge. The collaboration aims to develop AI solutions for challenges in robotics, healthcare, and climate change.…

  • SalesForce AI Research Developed ProGen: A Leap Forward in Protein Engineering Using Artificial Intelligence

    ProGen, an AI model developed by Salesforce, is revolutionizing protein engineering. Unlike traditional methods, ProGen uses conditioning tags to generate protein sequences in a controlled manner. By leveraging a dataset of over 100,000 conditioning tags, ProGen can accurately predict and generate proteins with desired properties. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to accelerate progress in…

  • Learn how Amazon Pharmacy created their LLM-based chat-bot using Amazon SageMaker

    Summary: Amazon Pharmacy has developed a generative AI question and answering (Q&A) chatbot assistant to help customer care agents retrieve information in real time. The solution uses the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pattern and is HIPAA compliant. Agents provide feedback on the machine-generated answers, which is used for future model improvements. The chatbot is integrated…

  • Personalize your search results with Amazon Personalize and Amazon OpenSearch Service integration

    Amazon Personalize has introduced a new integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service to personalize search results for each user. The Amazon Personalize Search Ranking plugin allows customers to improve engagement and conversion by utilizing deep learning capabilities. The feature is available with self-managed OpenSearch and offers flexibility and control over the search experience. AWS Partners, like…

  • How to Train BERT for Masked Language Modeling Tasks

    This text provides a hands-on guide to building a language model for masked language modeling (MLM) tasks using Python and the Transformers library. It discusses the importance of large language models (LLMs) in the machine learning community and explains the concept and architecture of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). The text also covers topics…

  • Cleaning a Messy Car Dataset with Python Pandas

    The article discusses the importance of cleaning data before performing exploratory data analysis or building machine learning models. It focuses on cleaning a messy car dataset using the pandas library in Python. Various operations are performed, such as string manipulation, data type handling, filtering, and replacing values. Duplicate rows are also eliminated using the drop_duplicates…

  • What happens when most online content becomes AI-generated?

    Generative models trained on the data they generate tend to deteriorate over time, forgetting the true underlying data distribution. This phenomenon, known as “model collapse,” leads to models over-representing common events and forgetting less frequent but important events. As the majority of training data comes from the internet, the risk of deterioration increases if human-generated…

  • Creating New Data Scientists in the Age of Remote Work

    Learning to be a professional data scientist requires more than just math skills. It also involves developing social norms, networks, and getting acclimated to the context of work. With the shift to remote and hybrid work, new methods are needed for transmitting this information and culture. Intentional face time, skill transmission through collaboration, and purposeful…

  • Meet MotionDirector: Pioneering Decoupled Video Generations for Customized Motion and Diverse Appearances

    MotionDirector is a dual-path architecture that aims to customize motion in text-to-video generation models while maintaining appearance diversity. It uses spatial and temporal pathways to adapt to appearance and motion separately. The method outperformed base models in benchmark tests and has the potential to enhance flexibility in video generation. Improvement can be made in learning…

  • TensorFlow Model Training Using GradientTape

    The text focuses on the use of GradientTape to update weights. More details can be found on Towards Data Science.

  • Image Classification For Beginners

    The text discusses the VGG and ResNet architectures from 2014.

  • 6 Common Index-Related Operations You Should Know about Pandas

    This text is about effectively handling indices in data frames. For more information, please read the full article on Towards Data Science.

  • Mozilla Brings a Fake Review Checker AI Tool to Firefox

    Mozilla’s Firefox has integrated a review checker, Fakespot, into its browser to combat the prevalence of fake online reviews. Fakespot, an AI-driven tool, assigns grades to reviews on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart, indicating their trustworthiness. The tool does not pinpoint specific fraudulent reviews but provides an overall score for the product. This innovative…

  • Convolutional Neural Networks For Beginners

    The text discusses the basics of convolutional neural networks.

  • SEC chair: AI will cause ‘unavoidable’ economic collapse

    SEC Chairman Gary Gensler emphasizes the importance of regulating AI in order to prevent a financial crisis. He expresses concerns about the potential for overreliance on AI tools by financial institutions, which could lead to a situation similar to the 2008 economic crisis. While the SEC is not against the use of AI, Gensler believes…

  • Researchers from Princeton Introduce ShearedLLaMA Models for Accelerating Language Model Pre-Training via Structured Pruning

    Researchers from Princeton have introduced Sheared-LLaMA models, which are smaller but stronger versions of large language models (LLMs), created through focused structured pruning. The method, which involves targeted structured pruning and dynamic batch loading, effectively reduces the size of LLMs while maintaining their performance. The Sheared-LLaMA models outperformed other LLMs of similar sizes in various…

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